A Helpful Guide to This Sort of Thing

Wearing Clothes

Dress for this wedding is semi-semi-formal, a category I just made up. Think of it like semi-formal, but in August. Those with a touch of madness will come wearing layers; however you may wish to demonstrate a prevailing saneness by letting out the tie by a finger-width, and leaving a jacket or blazer to the imagination.


Parking in Annapolis

Chancey parking is available along the street, but is more-or-less assured and in the following garages: 

Hillman Garage | 150 Gorman St. Annapolis 21401 | $20 for 6+ hours

Gott's Court Garage | 250 Northwest St. Annapolis 21401 | $13-$15/6-7 hours

Bladen St. Garage | 19 Saint Johns St.  Annapolis 214041 | FREE

Parking in Annapolis can be difficult in the summer.  We recommend that guests forego parking in St. Mary's lot and instead park in the Bladen Street garage during the ceremony and reception.  Bladen Street garage is free on the weekend and is close enough to the ceremony and reception for guests to walk to both venues.  Anticipate a 15 minute walk from the Bladen Street garage to St. Mary's Church. 

Also, please keep in mind that all cars must leave the St. Mary's parking lot at the end of the ceremony. Otherwise, they will be eaten.


Staying in Annapolis

We are so happy that you can make it to our wedding!  Some of you may want to stay the night in Annapolis or nearby.  

Annapolis is very busy during the summer, so the hotel rates in the city will be more expensive than the hotels in the surrounding area (within 20 to 30 minutes of Annapolis).  Also, keep in mind that many hotels will have a two-night minimum on the weekend, but fear not, travellers: there is something to entertain almost anyone in historic Annapolis, Maryland. For instance, you could pursue an education in masonry trends occurring between the years 1754 and 1763!

ATTENTION PARENTS: Please, please be advised that most of our local hotels have not had their monsters removed, and the native variety are mostly monstruosis sublecti, which as you know hide under the bed and eat naughty children starting with the toes. Therefore, please advise your children to be on their best behavior if they ever want to see their friends or their toys again. You might want to tell this to them just before bed.

Please check online reviews before you book your hotel.  We want you to enjoy your stay.

Hotels in Annapolis

Hotels around BWI (30 minute drive from Annapolis)

Gibson's Lodgings

Preferred B & B

Our guests may wish to stay Friday and Saturday night at Gibson's Lodgings, the cute historic inn where Catherine has worked for the past three years. Queen rooms are $199 + tax per night, which includes continental breakfast in the morning, wi-fi, and free parking (within walking distance to the church and reception)!  If you are interested in staying at Gibson's, please call the office at 410-268-5555, or contact Catherine with questions. 



For Musicianeers

This will be a traditional music wedding, therefore bring your fiddloxes and banjilitos. The Brice House has old plaster and high ceilings, so it should be a great place for a little tidy playing. There will be dancing, romancing, chance lancing, entrancing glancing— ok, enough of that.

I think you'll want to bring your instruments into the church (because it will be August). Keep them in the pews with you because we'll play a little something (TBD) as we're making our exeunt omnes. I won't lie to you, it will probably be Pujol. [Ed. It will not be Pujol].



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