Choreographer, Dance Teacher, Merchandise Director

Catherine Marafino Brice is a percussive dancer from the Shenandoah Valley. She specializes in old-style Irish step dancing and American tap.   

Catherine began step dancing and tap dancing as a child, and as a teenager learned from Emily Oleson and Matthew Olwell of Good Foot Dance Company.  During college, she built a small repertoire of American flat-footing and clogging steps, and learned a handful of Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island patterns from Helen Bergeron.  She also learned several of Dan Furey's set dances from Michael Tubridy. 

Catherine has a long love-affair with traditional steps, but she is most impressive for her ability to improvise them.  Among dancers in Washington and Baltimore, she is highly regarded for her aptness to devise new dances that are musically and choreographically entertaining.

Catherine holds an MSN from Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and works as a registered nurse in Baltimore.  She is the merchandise director for the New Century American Irish-Arts Company, and a past programmer for the Washington Folk Festival.  She teaches old-style Irish dancing classes as part of the New Century's educational program for girls, boys and adults.