In accordance with our secret plans for world domination, or as the peace-loving flower lickers in PR are calling it, "to celebrate the launch of our website,," (a giant leap forward in our bid to subjugate mankind), we're having a little poetry contest.  Ladies and gentlemen, we give you:

There is almost nothing in the world that says "behold my unequivocal awesomeness" quite like the haiku. [N.B. Pie also has this quality]  Here is a masterful one:

Get out of my way, mortal
I can play the flute
And walk on water ripples

Wow!  What a thought-provoking and totally authoritative statement of being!  That poet is possibly going to take over the world—possibly by playing the flute.  The only possible way it could be more impressive is if he put it on a Facebook banner:

Behold, the ultimate fusion of poetry and Facebook: THE RETRO ART PROJECT HAIKU FACEBOOK BANNER (TM)—now with IRISH ARTS POWER (TM). It is obvious that the haiku, nay the art of poetry itself, was developed for no greater purpose.

And now, to fuel our dreams of empire building kittens, we're putting out a call for your own imperious, traditional music inspired haikus. We're calling it... Haiku D'État.

Let the contest begin.


1) ONE (1) GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive an original, endearing, personally flattering Facebook banner/retro art project designed by Peter Brice.

2) THREE (3) HONORABLE MENTIONS will be featured as images on the New Century's Facebook page and blog.

3) FIVE (5) RUNNERS UP will have their haikus featured on the New Century's Facebook page and on this blog.



1) All submissions will be judged solely on the basis of their individual awesomeness.

2) There is no #2.  (Well, technically there is, but... nevermind.)



1) Contest entrants should submit an original haiku pertaining to the practice and/or pedagogy of traditional music, song, or dance.  For information on the haiku in English, consult the Wiki of Armaments.

2) Any person may apply.  Applications from inanimate objects, dead people, and pets will not be considered unless they have a Facebook account.  A single entrant may not submit more than three (3) original haikus (unless it is under a false name).

3) The deadline for submissions is October 15th, 2012.  Contest winner(s) will be announced on October 31st, 2012, but our PR department has informed me to misinform you that "everyone is a winner."  Or did they say "weiner"?  Sigh.

4) Contest entrants should subscribe to the New Century on Facebook at

5) The New Century American Irish-Arts Company reserves the right to change these rules at any time, or to discontinue the Haiku D'État contest.  In such case, notification will be given on this blog and on the New Century's Facebook page.