CLASS: Adult Irish Dancing

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Pendenny (Home address)

8 weeks (23 June to 11 August 2017)

Day and Time: 
Friday evenings, 7:30 to 9:00ish pm

$30.00 per class

21 and up

Experience Level:
Open to anyone pending instructor approval (see also "Age")

Class Description:  

A recent study determined that 12 out of 13 of busy adults are too busy to learn new things, attend classes, or even complete this sen. Yet, inexplicably, across the globe, adults always seem to have time for cocktails.  We were eager to investigate this phenomenon, so we tasked our New Century Irish-Arts Laboratories (TM) with doing the science and stuff to figure it out.

After months of painstaking research, the surviving team of fifth-circle Irish-Arts mages (the same ones who made the t-shirts FYI) reported back to us from quarantine. Using magical analysis, they were able to determine that cocktails have a semi-arcane ability to slow down time, making it seem as though there is nothing else at all to do later. 

We put their findings to the test in a highly theoretical experiment involving the consumption of barbecued pork and mint juleps. We made sure to load our schedules full of important Irish-Arts Meetings (TM), dog washings, and of course fishing. After the first mint julep, we were concerned that we might not make our meetings on time, but pressed on with the experiment. Remarkably, after the second mint julep, the meetings evaporated. It was as though they weren't important in the first place. What's more, we learned the dog is just going to get dirty again anyway. However, we still went fishing.  In conclusion, cocktails most certainly alter the flow of time, but fishing seems to be impervious to cocktails. More research is needed to understand the special properties of fishing that make it impervious to cocktails.

What were we talking about again? Oh right: Irish dancing.  Imagine the same experiment but replace barbecued pork with Irish dancing. That will be this class. 

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