WINTER/SPRING CLASS:  Level 2 Old-Style Step Dance

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Pendenny Studio

16 Weeks (see Calendar)

$400 ($25 per class)

6 and up

Class Description:  

This class improves on the skills acquired in the level 1 class, and introduces figures and holds, as well as performance techniques.  We will continue to learn historical set dances to add to our current repertoire (The Priest in His Boots, Single Time, and St. Patrick's Day) As in all our classes, students at the intermediate level will become familiar with the lineage of the repertoire they learn.  

Admission to the intermediate class is dependent on the student having mastered concepts presented in the beginner class, and will be granted at the discretion of the instructor.  If a student would like to join the intermediate class, and has previous percussive dance experience, please contact

This class features live music.