CLASS: Summer Day Sessions 

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Pendenny (Home address)

June through August

Day and Time: 
Classes will be scheduled according to interest.  Please email to schedule a day session.

KIDS: Weekdays,10:00 am to 3:00 pm.
ADULTS:  Weekends, as scheduled

$100 per session

Experience Level:
Open to anyone pending instructor approval.

Class Description:  

Summer day sessions are practical lessons covering specific subjects (described below). For kids, these take the form of a day-long classes; for adults, they will be scheduled for two hours on the weekend. The prerequisite for each class is the ability to play music or dance, respective to the subject.  The classes themselves will begin with basics, but subsequent, more complicated lessons will be scheduled if there is sufficient attendance.  Summer 2017 classes include:

Solo set dance:  The Three Sea Captains

Solo set dance: The Blackbird

Tap dance for Irish dancers

Appalachian clogging for Irish dancers 

Music theory 

Ear training/sight singing

Tea and biscuits (cookies) will be offered to students.  Children should bring their own lunches, including a drink. 

To Purchase a Class:

In the "Quantity" form in the left column of this page, enter the number of sessions you wish to purchase, and click "Add to Cart". A registration form will pop up at this page, whereupon you may specify the classes you wish to purchase.