LISA NULL: The Feathered Maiden & Other Ballads

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"When Bill Shute and I first recorded this LP of mostly traditional Anglo-American ballads, few wanted to hear these old songs. To us, however, they seemed like a precious inheritance passed on by generations of singers who cared enough to learn them by heart. We want to help keep that chain going—there are so many psychic truths, so many images, so many achingly beautiful melodies that have stood the test of time. Bill, former lead rock guitarist for 'The Fifth Estate,' had trained in jazz and enjoyed  exploring the songs musically, verse after verse. I sang them straight, without a lot of dynamics. I wanted listeners to hook their own meanings and emotions onto the words.  We hoped the guitar and occasional dulcimer and choruses would add some of the drama I’d left out of my voice. The Feathered Maiden was considered a pathfinder in its day and helped launch our career on the folk circuit."

—Lisa Null

Track listing:
1. Suzie Cleland (4:42)
2. Sweet William’s Ghost (4:50)
3.  Loving Henry (2:14)
4. Lord Ullin’s Daughter (5:45)
5. Lucy Wan (2:14)
6. Gentle Harry (copyright L. Null) (4:23)
7. Come Sweet Jane (3:21)
8. The Border Widow’s Lament (4:12)
9. Franklin and His Ship’s Crew (4:40)
10. Lakes of Ponchartrain (2:25)
11. Rocky Banks of the Buffalo (2:55)
12. The Feathered Maiden or Nilaus Erlandson (tune copyright L. Null) (6:27)

Chorus: John Roberts, Tony Barrand, Caroline Paton
Additional Dulcimer Sandy Paton

Folk-Legacy Records (Folk-Legacy CD-136) 
Originally Recorded by Sandy Paton for Green Linnet Records (1977)
Copyright: 2007, all rights reserved
Box 1148
Sharon CT. 06069



"Lisa Null is in the process of leaving a great legacy of songs to Marylanders.  These recordings are a testament to her ability and her love of traditional singing."

—Peter Brice,           
The New Century 


"Go on, sing another song, Lisa Null!"