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"Bill Shute and I featured a broad range of American traditional music on our second album, American Primitive.  The first album, The Feathered Maiden, kept winding up in English import bins at record stores so we wanted to make people would recognize this album as definitively American. We included Western songs as well as material emphasizing the Celtic heritage of Canada and America’s northeast. By this time, we often played on the road or back home in Connecticut with a diverse group of fine, highly energized musicians. As these musicians dropped by, we recorded them in the Green Linnet studio, operating right out of my house.  You can feel the fun!"

—Lisa Null

Track Listing:
1. If He’s gone, Let Him Go  (3:05)
2. Powder river/Carrie’s Gone to Kansas City (3:30)
3. Only Remembered (3:27)
4. La Bastringue (1:15)
5. Remember The Poor (3:58)
6. Santa Fe Trail (5:28)
7. Work in the Mines (3:45)
8. The Cruel Mother (3:03)
9. Bonnie Light Horseman (2:30)
10. Erin’s Green Shore (2:41)
11.  Livin’ Next to the Soil (copyright Jack Guthrie) (2:50)
12. Virginia’s Alders (4:05)

Featuring: Peter Bellamy, Anthea Bellamy, Claudia Schmidt, Ken Bloom, Debby McClatchy, Saul Broudy, Leo Kretzner, Todd Purcell, Tom Conger

Folk-Legacy Records (Folk-Legacy CD-137)
Originally Recorded by Don Wade for Green Linnet Records (1980)
Copyright: 2007, all rights reserved
Box 1148
Sharon CT. 06069



"Lisa Null is in the process of leaving a great legacy of songs to Marylanders.  These recordings are a testament to her ability and her love of traditional singing."

—Peter Brice,           
The New Century 


"Go on, sing another song, Lisa Null!"