New Century Signature T-Shirt

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New Century Signature T-Shirt

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Since the dawn of clothing, man has sought to infuse t-shirts with the unbridleable cosmic force known as IRISH-ARTS POWER (TM). The ebb and flow of civilization itself is widely acknowledged to have been choreographed to the wailing of rampant human shirtlessness. But weep no longer, ladies and gentlemen! Our New Century Irish-Arts mages of the fifth circle have developed powerful incantations to scientifically bind IRISH-ARTS POWER (TM) not only to t-shirts, but to EVERY OBJECT KNOWN TO MAN!!! 


"No more shall ye run around the place butt naked," prophesied St. Heidelbergensis of Gort. Today, her fateful words are meaningfully fulfilled as we unveil the New Century Signature Irish-Arts T-Shirt. Wear it, share it, make tay in it: The New Century Signature Irish-Arts T-Shirt is soft like morning mist on a spring meadow, as blue as the deepest depths of the North Atlantic, and refreshing like the pristine waters of a crystal spring. Made of 100% fabric, the New Century Signature Irish-Arts T-Shirt is the only apparel item of its kind that is both super comfortable and amplifies it's wearer's latent IRISH-ARTS POWER (TM) by more than 27.4 percent. 


• Front & Back Printing 
• "New Century Official Awesome-Wear" Brand 
• Super Comfortable 
• Power Rating of 11.6 (1-10 scale) 
• Amplifies latent I-AP (TM) +27.4%
• Fruit of the Loom "Best" 
• 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester 
• Machine & Hand Washable